Pretty Peeper

It was a year ago today that Peeper showed up homeless on my doorstep. Happy Gotcha Day, Peeper! Do you remember how worried I was that she was pregnant? How I complained about how hormonal she was? Good grief – I’m glad those times are behind us!

She no longer peeps at me like a little lost bird – that’s how I first named her Peeper. She doesn’t often sit at the window watching the cars go by like she used to (a peeper in another sense) – so really her name no longer fits her. Growler would suit her better to be honest! She’s a sweet girl, but will always be a bit on the wild side, I imagine. Like children, those formative months at the start of a bunny’s life often set the tone for a lifetime of relationships. She didn’t learn early to trust and so she lives in a place of suspicion in her relations with people. She’s ferocious with any of the other bunnies who come by to visit as well.

I love her just the same and hope that as time goes on she’ll come to more easily accept affection and attention. She makes her own joy – digging endlessly in any dark place she can roam in and flopping contentedly on her side when ushered back to her cage when I’ve had enough of her scratching at floors and walls. She likes to play like a cat and will lunge at a hand dragged back and forth on the carpet in front of her – if that hand reaches around then to poke her on the bottom she dances happily away and turns around in midair to pounce again. That she’s learned to play at all is proof of her coming around, I think. I think the best thing for her would be for me to move her out onto the porch with the other bunnies so she’d have more company and the opportunity to see the others interact with me in a positive way – that might quell some of her fear. So far there’s no room for her out there and she wouldn’t get enough time out of her cage anyway. Maybe someday. Until then she shares my office and keeps me company while I blog and do schoolwork.

13 thoughts on “Pretty Peeper”

  1. Peeper – what a cute name for such a cute bunny. Did someone just dump her out or do you have any idea how she came to be on your doorstep?

  2. Laura,

    Looking at her makes me laugh. I’m sorry. Your descriptions of her antics and attitude are so wonderful. She keeps you company whiie you do blogging and school work. She’s a lady with an attitude, for sure. Good grief, I’m glad those hormonal times are behind ya!

    Peeper. Sweet Peeper. I’d love to meet’er.

  3. A YEAR ALL READYY!!!???
    The fact that she can play shows that your gentleness has had an impact on her life. She knows a gentle soul when she meets one.
    Give her a beep on the nose for me.

  4. So that’s the history behind Peeper–I started blogging in July last year, and began reading your blog then, but I missed the Peeper story by about a week.
    Happy Gotcha Day to you and her–lucky bunny that she found her way to you. I do believe some of these ways that pets find us are “meant to be.”

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