Monday pupdate

My husband and I don’t ordinarily talk on the phone during the workday, but that’s changed since bringing home little Luka. We call one another throughout the day with *pupdates* as the need arises. Since he works close enough to home to drop by at midmorning for a potty break for the puppy, and I’m temporarily working in an office where I can make it home on my lunch hour for another potty break, and then the DH can be home from work by 4pm or so, we have Luka’s bathroom needs covered at 3 hour intervals. That’s helped him to be pretty successful with housetraining so far. In the evenings when we’re at home is another story – you know how puppies like to wander off and get into trouble… mainly on the new wool braided rug beneath our dining room table!

On his first workday alone, Luka had busted out of the kitchen by midmorning and was napping in the spare bedroom beside Peeper’s cage. By the second morning he had figured out how to plow through the gate blocking entrance to the porch where the big bunnies live like a little bull, forcing me to call my husband to come home and rig something up just so that I could finish getting ready for work. Peeper’s used to living in close quarters with a dog, but the big bunnies are not so enthused with a yappy puppy on either side of their gate. I think we have the puppy containment issues handled, for a while at least, until he’s big enough to jump over the gates…

He’s as mouthy as you’d expect from a Lab pup, but we’re working on that. He tends to go for my husband’s toes, yet he favors the backs of my ankles, or worse, the meaty part of my calves. Youch – he’s all teeth! And baleful looks when corrected.

We had our first appointment with the vet tonight, for his second round of shots, and he did quite well when distracted with a handful of biscuits. I asked the vet if he wouldn’t mind filing down those shark teeth some, but he says that’s part of the price we pay for having a cute puppy.

Puppyhood is so short-lived. I’m trying to endulge myself without spoiling him too much. I bring him up onto the bed at night for a quick snuggle only. I carry him down the stairs and across intersections on our walks while he’s light enough for me to lift. I inhale his puppy breath as often as possible. Caress the soft pads of his paws as he sleeps. Laugh at him when he encounters a wheelbarrow or bicycle for the first time. I’m forever pulling rocks and flowers out of his mouth. He’s obsessed with the refrigerator and closets. But he’s so adorable that my heart sings.

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  1. My family just got a Dalmatian puppy recently (they’ve always had Dals). They’re going through many of the same puppy things that you’ve described so well. Young dogs really are so cute that it’s difficult to be angry at them for long, even when they’ve torn up one of your favourite belongings, or dug up plants in the garden.

  2. Sweet as sugar, that pup.
    But I really don’t understand how anyone could like puppy breath. Makes me wanna gag a little.
    Having a puppy is sort of like having a baby. You love all the little cute things that make them so adorable, and yet a part of you yearns for them to grow up. And then when they do, you miss the baby stuff.

    Kisses to Luka!

  3. i swear, luka is getting cuter and cuter! oh, that paw made me melt! and i had to laugh about the mid-day phone updates. my husband and i have been doing the same thing since getting our puppy too! ahhh…it’s ridiculous. but we’re soooo in looove!!! you obviously are too. 😉

  4. I am sure Luka keeps you busy and amused, even with those puppy nibbles on the backs of your legs! Our lab cross became very well behaved without losing his spunk, but the barking was the hardest part.

  5. Oh Laura, I’m singing with you :0) This brought back many happy memories (plus the occasional ‘puppy hell’ reminiscence)

    Don’t forget to sniff the top of his head and right between his eyes. Ahhhh . . . .

  6. Your heart sings, I can tell :o)

    You are bringing back so many memories of the pups I raised – only three since 1991, the last being Bella four years ago. The wonderful crate… Those were the days of “surprises” on returning home from work. My dogs enjoyed pillow fights while I was away.

    I’m glad you are enjoying his breath and silly ways!

  7. Aw, what a sweetie. Puppies do get into plenty of mischief though. I love the super-soft puppy fur and puppy breath too. What a treat for you to get a “puppy fix” in the middle of the day.

  8. I’m with Susan on the puppy breath–I guess it’s a genetic thing or something. I myself lack the puppy/dog gene; I prefer cats. But your pup is awfully cute! Enjoy the puppyhood, and keep the pupdates coming!

  9. I loves me some puppy breath and ooooo, that paw. As for the demonic look in his eyes . . . too crazy cute.

    I can suggest a timer might help avoid those “accidents” under the dining room table. I used a timer with most of my dogs and with both kids while potty training — it just reminds ME to do my job and take the creature in question to the appropriate place. 🙂 Although, I always worry that my kids will be cooking dinner, hear the timer and have to run to the bathroom . . . they’ll be able to blame me for many burnt dinners, I suppose! 🙂

  10. I love your “pupdates” – he is so sweet and so very lucky to have been found by you folks!Glad to hear your heart is singing again.

  11. ah, the joys and challenges of having a baby about the house! You are smart and well-disciplined to only have up on the bed for a quick cuddle. My big mistake is to always bring the pups into bed with me…now my linens stink like dog and there is hair everywhere….oh for a little discipline.

  12. It’s been 6 years since we acquired our youngest pup & I still remember those needle sharp teeth. Our hands bled every day for months from those tiny weapons. We were so glad when she got “big girl teeth”.
    Best of luck with Luka – he is adorable!

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