Summer snowflakes

Common as it is, Queen Anne’s Lace is a beautiful wildflower, I think. I found a nice patch backlit by the sun a few weeks ago and lost myself for a while in the varying forms the flowers take. As pretty as the tops of the flowers are, I think they’re much more interesting from below.

It’s said to attract more than 60 insects, beneficial pollinators among them, and makes a wonderful pressed flower. It’s easily confused with other poisonous members of the carrot family, like water-hemlock or poison hemlock, so be very careful before ever sampling the root.

I was ready to say that this is probably my favorite of the late summer wildflowers, but then I thought of Joe Pye and New York Ironweed. Both are just coming into bloom in my garden now and attracting swallowtails and monarchs. It’s August suddenly and the summer is waning.

14 thoughts on “Summer snowflakes”

  1. Laura, I really have noticed a diff and agree summer is waning. The air is “different” – not crisp inn the morn but maybe refreshing is the word. Lots of hummers and butterflies yet. Long journey ahead:)

  2. Well, Summer might be waning for you, but that’s only because it’s tired from kicking our asses over here.

    I like Queen Anne’s Lace. It’s a weed, but it’s gorgeous. And without it, my yard would be pretty boring.

  3. I agree Laura, it is one of my favorites, wherever I find it. Next time I am out, I will try to get a shot from underneath. This year, for some reason one plant in my garden has been starting with pink edges. All the rest are normal, so of course I will save seeds from that one.

    No ironweed here, too dry, but I did see it last year down at our library, so l know what it looks like. It is pretty.

  4. That is beautiful picture, Laura. I found some poison hemlock on the weekend, and while the flower is similar, the plant was much larger. It would be easier to confuse them earlier in the season though.

  5. Beautiful photo, Laura. The Queen Anne’s Lace is going full steam here at the farm. When I go for my evening walks, the paths through the field are lit with white drifts of flowers. At the moment, Pennsylvania Leatherwing beetles are the most conspicuous insect perched atop them.

  6. Summer’s still kicking our asses in Central PA too–and we’re getting some serious summer thundershowers to boot. Right after the state declared a drought watch….

    I think my late summer fave is chickory–that blue is so lovely.

  7. You scared me with the mention of snow. Summer is going by too fast. Our temps haven’t been as high as yours, but for up here it’s been high enough.

  8. Laura, you have a very pretty blog. Queen Anne’s Lace is one of my favorites too. It grows by the side of the road wherever we drive…it is such a beautiful flower. Enjoy your sweet puppy, you are right, puppy hood doesn’t last too long so enjoy his childhood years now. All the best.

  9. I love Queen Anne’s Lace–and your photo from below is wonderful. I also like dill at this time in the season–also so dainty when you zoom in.

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