A good nap

I love a good nap. It’s a guilty pleasure I normally indulge only at the weekend. During the work week, I can’t let myself get too comfortable on the couch in the evening otherwise I’ll be out for a few hours, nothing gets done, and then I’m up half the night.

With a puppy in the house, there’s lots of opportunity, but we use Luka’s nap time to get essential things done. Much the way people do with a little baby in the house. He’s so adorable when he sleeps that I can’t resist cuddling him for a while – I admit it! His habit has been to nap from about 9pm until bedtime – a problem – because when we’re ready for bed he’s raring to go!

Today while we were at work, little darling Luka got into one of the soda cans that my DH keeps on the kitchen floor. Predictably, he managed to pierce the can with his baby shark teeth and had the kitchen floor and his bed covered in Diet Pepsi. What a little angel!


Well, he’s an angel when he’s napping anyway.

Puppies sleep a lot (thank heavens!) but it’s productive time for them. They play hard and nap hard, but while they sleep they’re growing and maturing. There’s health benefits in napping for people, too. For me, it’s a great mood enhancer. I was very happy when I was in Spain with their society-sanctioned siesta time and wonder why this habit hasn’t ever caught on in our part of the world.

12 thoughts on “A good nap”

  1. I was never a napper before I had children but once I had a toddler and was pregnant again, I found great joy in napping. I still nap regularly. In fact, I don’t think I’d have survived going back to school without my regular napping.

    Nap on, little Luka! Nap on!

  2. Love the photo – terrific composition! At the smaller size it’s a little difficult to grok at first, but at the larger size it works beautifully.

  3. I like naps every once in a while, but if I sleep any more than about 10-15 minutes I’m up until the wee hours of the morning, so I tend to not do it even if I want to. I’m also an early riser by design and staying up late/getting up early makes for a grumpy rcwbiologist.

  4. Dang Laura, I love that photo too! I would love to have been a spy in the room to see what Luka’s response was to the spraying Pepsi! (Or your response to the mess!!)

  5. Oh yeah. Puppies love to chew on anything, and it smells like person. It is extra special.
    The first three months are just like having a baby.
    My Lasa-Maltese was the pits to housebreak.

  6. I love that picture of Luka napping (anywhere will do when you’re a puppy, right?)
    Every day when I get home from work I take a little nap and my 2 old doggies always nap right next to me. I love naps!

  7. When my Hooligan cats were kittens, one of them bit into a carton of chicken stock, along the bottom of the carton, of course, and there was chicken stock all over the floor by the time I found it. The solution, for me, was to go back to cans. I don’t know what I’d do if I had a pet who could bite through cans!

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