Dog days

Everything seems to be taking twice as long to accomplish these days. Mostly because I’ve forgotten just how much work a puppy is and how much general chaos they can bring about in a normal day.

I haven’t properly responded to your comments here in months, it seems, and I feel badly about that. I barely find time to surf by your blogs before it’s time for another walkie or play session.

The pressure is on at work with just a few weeks left in my training period. I’ve three tests ahead of me in the next two weeks and then a final week of waiting to hear if they’ve decided to keep me on in this new job. The world won’t end if I have to go back to the old one – I’ve come to that conclusion here lately. There’s something to be said for the comfort of the familiar, be it the *old* job or the old dog content to sleep at your feet.

So, in an effort to get caught up with all of you and maintain my sanity (and friendships) I’ll be taking something of a summer vacation from blogging everyday. Please don’t think me disinterested for not having been in touch lately. When I’ve found a minute to appreciate the wonder of something, I’ll be sure to share it. Please be here with me when I do.

16 thoughts on “Dog days”

  1. We’ll be here–waiting patiently.
    Sometimes, it is important to take a break. Blogging should be fun and restoring, not a chore.
    And being with Luka should be more important than blogging.
    Perhaps the occasional photo of Luka and the bunnies can keep us satisfied until you are “back”.

  2. That’s what Feed Readers are great for . . . when my friends go missing, I know I won’t miss their return. The Feed Reader will let me know they are back.

    A post a week; a post a month; heck, a post a year — I’ll read it with pleasure when it happens!

    Give Luka a big snorgle for me. As much as I love Ruby, seeing Luka fills me with great longing for a lab puppy. So you enjoy for both of us, please! 🙂

  3. Laura,

    You have gone through many changes in the past couple of months and sometimes life can’t go on as usual.

    We’ll be here when you get back. Rest up. Sit back and watch Luka grow. I fully approve of a break for you :o)

  4. A break sounds like a great idea to me. Puppies do require so much time and energy in the first few months. But it’s time well spent as it gets them off to a good start. Blogging can wait. We’ll all be here whenever you have more time and feeling less pressured.

  5. Enjoy your time off Laura. You know we’ll be here when you’re ready to come back.
    How did you get that close-up of Luka? When my dogs were puppies if I got down on that level with them I would have been smothered with puppy kisses.

  6. Awwww . . . . you sweetie. New moms get a huge pass when it comes to blogging and dropping by. Yep – we called it ‘puppy hell’ and smiled as we said it. It’s so worth it – even if your life has been reduced to watching a fuzzy bottom for signs of needing to go outside:0)

    Hope things go as you would want them to – the job and the pup.

  7. Hey! Blogging is supposed to be something that is just fun and relaxing… not another obligation in your day! We love reading your posts and will cherish them all the more when you have the time. Don’t fret about your blogger friends! Take care of yourself, your husband, your puppy. That’s what matters most!

  8. I’m with you on the blogging pressure, and may follow suit soon. I think the winding down of summer is making us all feel we should be drinking it up while it’s here. Crickets, katydids…they sing the end of warmth and flowers to me.

    Luka is precious. I raised a black Lab for some elderly landlords who quickly realized they had a tiger by the tail and called for help. She did EVERYTHING she could think of to raise hell. I’d plant a row of annuals; she’d wait until I was gone, dig them up and chew the roots off them for good measure. She stole new shoes and hid them God knows where. She tried to kill my rehab birds. Oh. That. Dog. I understand she became a wonderful adult, but that was after I’d moved away. So I know some of what you’re talking about, and I know all of what you’re talking about when you mention the joy of puppy breath and soft paws. Drink him up!! and rest when you can. Great name, by the way.

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