Let’s see… I’m dreaming of crisp fall days and an excuse to wear my nice Irish fisherman’s sweater. We’ve had rainy days and nightime temps in the 50’s this past week, but today the heat and humidity returned in full force.

I’m dreaming of a peaceful night’s sleep, free of crying puppies and the anxiety of taking multiple tests to prove my mettle at this new job. The tests are done now; I had three in as many days, but we won’t be told how we did until late next week. I was giddy to be done with it yesterday and hate this in-between time, not knowing.

I’m dreaming of a weekend full of sunshine and fun. I’ve no specific plans, but there’s a horse show and a pup who might like a visit to Sandy Hook Bay. Or a walk in the woods close to home; maybe a dip in the creek. The vegetable garden needs attention, as does the pond. Funny how these chores so easily get away from us late in the summer.

The summer itself seems to have gotten away from me this year. Next weekend is Labor Day and then the start of school and before we know it, it’ll be Christmas again. Where does the time go?

Has anyone else dreamed up something good for this weekend?

11 thoughts on “Dreaming”

  1. This is my last weekend of cleanup/cleanout at the old apartment and storage unit. Hooray!

    If I can just get through the next couple of days with my good attitude intact, I’m FREE!!!

  2. I’m sure you did great on your exams, Laura! I hate waiting for results, too. I hope you enjoy your weekend. Let’s see, I really would like to get out to a new State Park today, but I may just spend it around my home, since I haven’t been here for a while. And tomorrow I’m going to see the Ansel Adams photography exhibition before it closes.

  3. Oh Laura,

    I’m glad you’re through the tests. If they don’t come up revealing the talented ‘you’ – ‘they’ failed.

    My hubby and I can’t get over the whisperings of fall. And yes, we’ve got the same neglected flower beds etc.

    But, honey! I don’t want to even think of pulling on a heavy sweater yet. Nope. I’m dreading winter – though the transition to it can be lovely.

    Kisses to Luka :0)

  4. My fingers are crossed for you but I am sure you did well, Laura. No worries.

    For me, I’m dreaming of temps below ninety-five, clouds, and rain. Seriously. It’s been a horrible summer and I’m sick of it. Right now, I feel like it will never end. There is loads of work waiting for me outdoors but I stay inside and look at it through the windows. We might have a cool spell by Thursday…89 is the forecast and a little rain :o)

  5. Good luck with the exams. I hope you’re having a good weekend and doing at least a couple of the things you’re dreaming of. We made a rather spontaneous decision to bug out of our place this morning and head for Nova Scotia (we kind of “decided” last night and packed our bags at around 11 p.m.). We brought along the tent and campstove, so if the weather looks good this week, I think we’ll be camping somewhere next to Bay of Fundy for at least a couple or so nights. Tonight, we’re in a motel in Rimouski, Quebec, and will continue on to Nova Scotia in the morning.

  6. John put it just right: crisp fall days, flocks of migrant birds. I’ll add weekends in the backyard, just hanging out and watching the leaves change…. God, I love fall.

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