Well, that can’t be good!

My desktop PC died on me tonight. At least, I think it’s dead.

I’ve been getting the *blue screen of death* every so often for the last few months, but tonight it made some odd beeping sounds and the CPU fan came on as loud as a jet engine. And then it stopped and the monitor is just black.

Hmmmm…. maybe I just need a new fan? I have my fingers crossed that that’s all it is. Every single one of my photos is stored on that PC and only on that PC.


I don’t even have a clue as to where to begin, aside from trying again in the morning and hoping that it’ll start up like normal.

Not likely, right?

14 thoughts on “Well, that can’t be good!”

  1. Oh, no! As long as the problem isn’t your hard drive, it should be okay. And there are services that can often recover your files for you, even if the hard drive has failed.

    Good luck to you, and thanks for the reminder that I need to back stuff up!!!

  2. Uh oh! Not good–that doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed, but blue screen of death–not good. And then to black?!?
    There are magicians who can recover stuff from hard drives, but it usually costs.
    I have a back up drive that I use to copy all my files on to once a week.

  3. When (Not if!) you get your PC running, you might try saving everything on X-Drive. It’s a free service where you can upload files for safe-keeping. I’m surprised no one EVER told you to back up your stuff!

  4. When I started getting the blue “Death” screen repeatedly, my hard drive was crashing…. I would probably start backing up my files.

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